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School Improvement Coaching programme in partnership with TT Education

The School Improvement team appreciate the tremendous job our school leaders do every day, to create a better future for the children and young people within Sutton. This has never been a small task.  However, during the past year, the demands of Covid-19 have put them and their teams under intense pressure, significantly increasing their workload and demanding rapid change in working practices.  This means our school leaders have been expected to lead their schools under a unique set of emotional and psychological challenges.  In light of these new pressures and changes, we believe it is more important than ever that our school leaders are provided with the proper emotional, operational and strategic support in their roles.  We believe that leadership coaching is a powerful way to do this.  

At the start of the spring term 2021, working  in partnership with TT Education we implemented a coaching programme for all our senior leaders within our maintained sector.  Each of these leaders will receive three half day coaching sessions, one each term.  The feedback from our leaders to date has been positive and it has been seen as a very supportive way, to recognise the extent of the challenges they have and are still facing.   

  Just a quick email to thank you for the comprehensive package of support you have put in place for us all!   We do appreciate it.’