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SEMH Steering Group’s work with secondary schools to understand the transition for pupils from primary to secondary school 

Starting secondary school can be both an exciting and challenging time for Year 7s. The SEMH Steering Group works on a principle of inclusion to support the local area to develop policy, practice, and provision; to help ensure that the relevant stakeholders are working together to make certain that children and young people are supported and thriving.  

As part of it’s multi-agency work, the Group developed a short survey to capture pupil voice on their experiences transitioning from primary to secondary school.  

Working in partnership with secondary schools in the local area, the survey was distributed by schools to their Year 7 pupils and asked them to reflect on their experience both prior to and after starting secondary school. It also gave them the opportunity to express what information, help and support, helped them the most and conversely, what would have supported them further. Over the course of 4 weeks, the survey received over 1700 responses.  

Individual results have been shared back with each secondary school so that they can actively address any gaps in transition provision.  

The results were largely positive and reflected that both primary and secondary schools in the borough are supporting a successful transition to Year 7 for their pupils.  

The next steps will be for the Group to take the outcomes of the survey and use the evidence to help shape future transition development, such as consolidating best practices for schools to aid consistency of transition for all pupils.