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Sensory Impairment Service work in collaboration to deliver Easter Family Fun Days

The Sensory Impairment Service worked in collaboration with the Dreaming Tree to deliver the Easter Family Fun Days. Six families attended having their faces painted and participating in some art activities, playing games and of course there were Easter Eggs all round!!!

The return of Family Sign after the Easter Holidays has begun, this was posted on our Facebook page regarding the Family Sign Classes:

“We are really enjoying the classes. We were unable to start back today but are looking forward to next week. The group is really friendly and supportive, I have been amazed at how much we have picked up in the short time we have been attending ”

One of our profoundly deaf children, who is in nursery with no language or hearing at all, is starting to show progress and interest in the world outside of himself. He is beginning to use some BSL signs and is trying to involve others in his play. This is great progress for him, and we are so proud of his achievements…………long may they continue!

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