Special Educational Needs

SEND Support

Cognus supports children and young people with special educational needs (SEND), and their families/carers. We provide advice, advocacy and training. Cognus also provides home to school travel assistance and other practical help, such as Paving the Way and the Autism Service.

SEND is identified in many different ways. It could be a health visitor when the child is young, or a class teacher when a child attends school. However SEND is identified, professionals in the local area are trained and skilled in preparing children for adulthood. This is done in partnership with the child’s parent/carer.  It is through strong partnership work that barriers to learning can be identified, addressed and support given. Most children will be supported at their local mainstream school. Support is through Quality First Teaching. This should be coordinated via a SEND Support Plan. The plan will be reviewed with you (and your child) once a term and will involve other professionals when needed. These professionals may include Cognus Educational Psychologists, Cognus Speech and Language Therapists, Cognus Occupational Therapists, Cognus Paving the Way team, Cognus Autism Service, CAMHS, Children’s Social Care or Paediatricians.

The SEND Service co-ordinate the statutory SEND process. The Service help children and young people (aged 0 to 25) with exceptional educational needs and disabilities to meet their potential. The Service ensures that all professionals put the child or young person at the centre of everything they do. This is achieved by knowing the individual and their family’s views, wishes and goals.

The Service also offer workshops to Sutton parents and carers on matters related to the statutory processes and partnership work.

To contact the SEND team, please email sen.team@cognus.org.uk or call 020 8323 0454 / 0453.

SEND EHCP Coordinators allocation – Sutton Council

For more information on SEND Support and the education, health and social care support services available in the borough, please visit Sutton’s Local Offer website.