School responsibilities

Deciding to home educate a child is an important decision. The reasons for choosing it are many and varied, as are the styles of education provided. For some families, their decision may be based on their philosophical, spiritual, or religious outlook; for others it is to meet what they consider to be the specific educational needs of their child.

However, home education should not be a way of avoiding exclusion or because a child may have a poor attendance record.

If you are contacted by a family wishing to home educate, we would encourage a meeting to be held between the Headteacher and the family to understand their reasons for this decision and to determine if home education is the right choice for the family.

However, if the parents have decided to take the step of home education, they must confirm their intentions in writing to the school and notifying the date at which they wish their child to no longer be on roll.

The Headteacher of a school is required to immediately inform Cognus of any child on their school roll whose parents have confirmed their intention to home educate and to provide comment of any concerns they may have, safeguarding or otherwise that may impact on the ability for home education to be effective and suitable.

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