Attendance Graduated Response

Sutton’s Attendance Graduated Response provides a multi-agency framework, that supports working together to encourage school attendance and tackle the barriers to attendance that may arise for a child or young person. 

The Attendance Graduated Response aims are:

• To support our work together to create positive change that enables children and young people to attend school regularly.

• To help us all to work restoratively and using solution focused, trauma informed approaches and utilising these rather than punitive approaches. Working with parents and carers to help them prioritise school attendance and understand their role as an identified partner, along with the multi-agency professional network.

• To support us to encourage good attendance from the early years across all phases of education and intervene at the earliest opportunity to support positive attendance habits.

• To help us to ensure parent/carers, pupils and partners are aware of the importance of school attendance in children staying safe and achieving their full potential though professional support and challenge.

• To aid the identification of the often-complex barriers to attendance involving a variety of factors and find solutions to break down these barriers.

The is document intends to support the delivery in the borough, of the approaches set out in the Working together to improve school attendance (DfE 2022)

If you would like to discuss the Attendance Graduated Response or find out more about attendance, please contact Cognus’ Attendance Support Team on or 020 8323 0461, or email