Training and Workshops

We are proud to announce that our Therapies Team not only provides exceptional therapeutic interventions but also extends its reach through training programs and workshops. These programs are designed to empower families and school staff with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate various challenges effectively.

Annually, Cognus Therapies runs a SEND Champion training which consists of training on universal speech, language and communication needs and occupational therapy advice and support. This training is free to Sutton settings and will empower members of your education teams to support children with SEND. If you would like to find out more, please contact

Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to all SEND Champion leaders who put all this training and workshops together. Since I became a SEND Champion I noticed that my confidence, approach and knowledge have increased. Therefore, I can deliver on a daily basis purposeful activities for my pupils. Since September myself and another TA are taking care of the intervention unit. We support children to self regulate and engage in learning. During my SEND Champion Training, I learnt how to look closely for any distractions, reactions and how to support them. Thanks to all the suggestions and approaches we can sit down together with our 3 pupils at one table and do activities. We are using a wide number of visuals, simple language and repetitive tasks. After 3 months we are able to sit at one table and carry on one activity from start until finish. We also display visuals around toilet, therefore one of our pupils who was so uncomfortable using toilet now is pointing at visual “toilet” and happy to go in. Ofcourse this required a lot of repetitive language, patience and collaboration but after months we can say how proud we are of our K. He developed a sense of independence and self esteem. We create a calming sensory room. Children can calm their bodies and get all their emotions out and stabilize them self ready for learning. We make sure they are all included and understood. Clarified instructions are provided together with appropriate materials. I can say Im honour to be part of SEND Champion Training, as I realize that calming, warm and patience environment is they way to help children with SEN to reach their potential