Early Years (including SEND)

Cognus’ Early Years team supports and advises PVI settings – Pre-schools, Day Nurseries and Childminders and Early Years provision in Schools. By working closely with the Early Years sector and promoting good Early Years practice we aim to ensure that all children benefit from high quality provision.

We provide support by carrying out advisory visits, email and telephone advice. We offer online training, bespoke face to face sessions and regular networking meetings for all the groups we support.

Within the team, we have advisors for all aspects relating to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and childminders, as well as advisors for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND).

Who is eligible for Cognus Early Years service
We can provide support to any Ofsted registered Early Years Provider in the London Borough of Sutton.

How children are referred to us for SEND Support
Early Year settings and/or school SENCos can make a request for support regarding individual children via a request form. Some children are brought to our attention via a notification from a health professional.

How we support parents of children with SEND
When visiting a setting or school to support an individual child, we always meet with parents/carers and can offer advice and more information. We also meet with parents on an ongoing basis, if necessary.

How we support schools and PVI settings

  • Training for members of the public to become ready to apply to Ofsted for registration as a childminder
  • Preparation for Early Years Ofsted inspections, maintaining practice and grade improvement
  • Facilitate and provide training on all aspects of the EYFS, including training the PVI settings’ SENCos
  • Guide and support settings to be inclusive in their practice
  • Guide and support settings to achieve quality assurance awards

For more information, contact one of our team members below.

Early Years SEND Advisors

Debbie McHugh debbie.mchugh@cognus.org.uk

Lisa Sheridan: lisa.sheridan@cognus.org.uk

Michelle Williamson: michelle.williamson@cognus.org.uk

Laura Langan: laura.langan@cognus.org.uk 

Early Years Advisors

Nick Banham: nick.banham@cognus.org.uk

Childminder Development Officer

Tania Long: tania.long@cognus.org.uk