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Speech and Language Therapy Senior Assistant (SaLTA), supports child with Selective Mutism

Maria Fitzgerald (SaLTA) underwent training in Selective Mutism to support children and young people in Sutton. After attending the training, ‘Selective Mutism-Small steps’ programme Maria is using the knowledge, skills and practices to support a regular ‘small steps’ programme at least 3 times a week with a child and their Teaching Assistant (TA).

During attending this small group the child has used his voice to answer yes no questions and at times asked his own questions in non-pressured speaking games with his peer in the room. He has also used his voice to call out times tables in turn with his peer with no adults joining in, at a good volume of voice. This demonstrates significant progress and shows the benefit of this programme being delivered in school.

The child is using a 1-5 rating scale for feelings of comfort or discomfort where number 1 is comfortable and 5 is frozen, he labelled feeling a number ‘1 comfortable’ in a talking circle game with peer. He has also added his own rating of ‘0.5 feeling safe’. It is wonderful to see that the child is willing to continue making small steps to reduce the current ‘horrid’ feeling in his throat and stomach so that he is able to participate in social interactions with peers.

For more information on Selective Mutism and social anxiety please speak with the Cognus Therapies Team.

You can also access information and guidance from: Selective Mutism Information & Research Association (SMIRA)