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Sutton Schools rise to the Challenge  

The last fifteen months have provided challenges for our schools. Daily, school leaders and their staff have had to adapt their working environments and practices to keep their staff, pupils and parents safe; whilst providing quality learning experiences for those pupils in school and those at home.  

The nature of Covid-19 and the Government’s understanding of coping with a pandemic, has meant that guidance has been continually updated and sometimes our school leaders have been required to make significant changes to their ways of working at very short notice.  

Gaps in pupils learning have been identified and clear plans have been drawn up and implemented to narrow them, using school resources and Catch-up funding. Correspondence with our families has been good and a blended model of online and face to face meetings has been adopted, to meet individual needs.  

The Cognus School Improvement team’s experience of carrying out our supportive school visits in the autumn and this term, has been that our schools have appeared to be some of the most normal places to be, in comparison to wider society. 

Schools continue to face many difficulties because of the Covid -19 crises and there will be further challenges in the next academic year, however based on the evidence we have gathered, schools are well planned and ready to tackle these. They have worked exceptionally hard to ensure our families have the much-needed support. The work done by all members of our school communities, is to be applauded. Our schools have risen to the challenge, shown resilience and been a beacon of light in these very challenging times.  

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