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Sutton Supported Internship 

Celebrating National Apprenticeship week at Cognus Limited

Sutton Supported Internship 

This course is delivered in partnership with London Borough of Sutton (LBS), and offers job rotations within the LBS departments, (including Cognus Limited) and at Orchard Hill College.

As a Local Authority Trading company, Cognus Limited are delighted to be part of the Sutton Supported Internship in partnership with Orchard Hill College. A Supported Internship will help young people to gain employability skills and become more confident when applying for a job. They receive support from staff, mentors and job coaches.

A student from Orchard Hill joined the Cognus Therapies team on 12th January 2022, and to date, has been providing business support by completing a number of tasks to support the team.

To ensure that he is fully integrated into the therapies team, he has completed a full induction and all the initial training that a new member of Cognus Limited staff would complete, for example, he has completed the following training:

  • Health and Safety
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Safeguarding
  • Policy and Compliance

He has supported the therapies team by preparing resources, carrying out general administration tasks and working on Reception meeting and greeting visitors. During his time with us, we are also hoping to have him accompany therapists who work in schools, so that he can observe the ‘front line’ work that the team complete. As a team, we have had to be aware of his abilities and needs, amending tasks to his skill level and creating a broader range of opportunities for him based on his interests.

We are grateful for the opportunity that we have been given to work with a young person with special educational needs to access further training to support them to achieve future employment.