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SYSO & YMO to record original music for award-winning podcast

Sutton Music Service’s Young Musicians Orchestra (YMO) and Sutton Youth Symphony Orchestra (SYSO) have been invited to record a selection of musical cues for the award-winning podcast sitcom, Wooden Overcoats.

Wooden Overcoats is a sitcom with heart. Its characters are written with depth and development in stories that draw on multiple genres and cultural references. As such, the music is by turns dramatic, silly, romantic, but always sincere.

The show’s composer, James Whittle, has composed a series of short pieces to be used in the podcast’s fourth and final season.

“Move over, Radio 4. This ensemble scripted comedy about a pair of doomed undertakers is funnier than anything broadcast on the BBC. Siblings Rudyard and Antigone Funn battle to keep their undertaking business on the small island of Piffling going after a new competitor arrives in town.” Caroline Crampton, The New Statesman – The Best Podcasts of 2016

“Over the four available seasons of “Wooden Overcoats,” it becomes impossible not to adore everyone in the village.” Phoebe Letts, The New York Times

Students from SYSO and YMO will combine for the recording session at St. Andrew’s United Reform Church at the start of December.

“This project is a fantastic opportunity for our young musicians to experience working with a composer and being part of a professional recording session. It will be an engaging and rewarding experience for all of the students involved.” Gareth Gay, Head of Music Service, Cognus Limited

Thank you to YMO’s conductor, Karl Kramer, for connecting the Music Service with the podcasts production team.

For more information about Sutton Music Service, please visit their website here