Education for all (Inclusion)

Elective Home Education

Elective Home Education (EHE) is a term used to describe a choice by parents to provide education for their children at home – or at home and in some other way that they choose, rather than sending them to school. Parents have a responsibility to make sure that their child is educated. Most children attend […]

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Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology is the practice of applying psychological theories and ideas to the difficulties that can arise for pupils, teachers, families and schools. The Educational Psychologists in Cognus work with children and young people (0-25 years), families, schools and other practitioners to encourage the educational and social development and emotional well-being of children and young […]

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Early Intervention and Identification (Paving the Way)

Cognus’ Paving the Way service is made up of a multi-disciplinary team. The team provides support for children and young people with a range of difficulties, including social communication, attention and concentration, and anxiety. The Paving the Way service is made up of two elements: early intervention and identification. Element 1: Early Intervention ServiceThis element of […]

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Cognus Therapies

Welcome to Our Summer Activities Programme! ☀️🌴 Enjoy a fun, sunny summer with the whole family with our Summer Activities Programme! We offer a variety of engaging activities, including sensory play, fine and gross motor skill exercises, visual perception games, and independence skill-building tasks. Our programme also includes preparation activities to help children transition back […]

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Clinical Psychology Service

WHO ARE WE? We are Clinical Psychology Cognus; highly trained specialist clinicians of  neurodevelopmental, mental health and research expertise following qualification from a doctoral programme. We have experience working within various clinical settings such as inpatient units at hospitals and within the community.  We are regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council and are […]

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Child Employment

Cognus’ Child Employment Service, provided on behalf of the London Borough of Sutton, is for all businesses intending to employ school-aged children. Children are of compulsory school age until the academic year in which they turn 16, and there are laws that cover employment of children under school leaving age. The Child Employment Service ensures […]

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Our Traded Offer

Cognus has a range of education specialists – teachers, psychologists and other practitioners – with an extensive knowledge and experience of all aspects of education. Our team of over 200 employees and associates can bring a wealth of experience to support professionals in schools and settings in and out of Sutton. We take continuous professional development seriously – our skills are what we do – and our colleagues in […]

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Autism and Social Communication

Cognus’ Autism Service is an education support service focusing on supporting pupils with social communication difficulties or a diagnosis of autism to access education.  We work with education settings including early years, primary and secondary schools and Post-16 settings. Cognus’ Autism Service is a traded service, meaning that settings, individuals or local authorities can buy […]

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Assisted Travel Service

The Assisted Travel team is a statutory service. We ensure young people can travel to school or college. We ensure they are not prevented from travelling by circumstance, disability or need. We ensure that children can arrive at school ready to learn.  The Assisted Travel team receive applications for transport. We assess the needs of […]

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