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Two snapshots of the work that our SEND Service provides for our children and young people

XXX is a 16 year old young lady with significant health issues currently attending an out of borough special School. Although very happy at the school, she was not able to remain there for Post 16 education because the provision can’t cater for this age group. The young person and parental preference was for a mainstream, in borough FE College. A consultation was sent but the college advised that it did not feel able to meet her needs. The SEND Service organised number of meetings which have been held between parent, current school , nursing team, the FE College and the EHCP Coordinator to discuss XXX’s needs, how these could be supported in a collaborative manner with community nursing teams and how the college would be able to accommodate these needs enabling her to make a smooth transition.

The College is now looking forward to welcoming XXX and there will be further meetings between all parties to ensure that all services are working together to enable the placement to succeed. A good news story as XXX is moving from a special school to a mainstream and from out of borough back into the borough college.


YYY is a young girl who attends a local secondary school; her EHCP was recently updated and sent to parents to describe her needs and strengths. YYY’s parent called the EHCP Coordinator to say that her with Cognus SEND Service has been positive and that the family felt supported; the parent expressed that she would not leave the borough due to the educational care that her family has received.

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