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Update from Visually Impaired Service regarding transitions

This year, we have an unusually high number of VI transition young people – 10 to be exact. Visits to new settings have been, and are being completed, some are weekly, some are fortnightly, dependent on the needs of the individual and orientation around their new settings has been enjoyed by all.

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The team were delighted to receive an email from the parent of one student who is Severely Sight Impaired (SSI) and has been transitioning from infants to juniors:

M has expressed how much she enjoyed the visit to Year 3.  M felt very nervous about joining Year 3, given her usual anxiety about new spaces, due to visual and mental non-familiarity of the environment. However, since the visits, she has said she feels braver and is looking forward to September. Thank you for initiating and conducting the visits Miranda”.

Another carer emailed: “I would just like to thank you for the brilliant work you have done with L during this difficult period of transition she is facing. She enjoys working with you and you have improved her confidence hugely, she is now returning to the happy lively child she used to be. Your commitment to your work should be commended L is as grateful to you as I am.”

One year 11 student we are supporting is keen to learn independent bus travel. Liaison with the local bus garage has been completed to allow the student to practice what needs to be asked of the bus drivers and how to locate seats once on the bus. This is an exciting time for him as he becomes more independent in preparation for leaving school. To aid his preparation for adulthood, we have also contacted Blind in Business to support him with finding work beyond his studies. Sign posting individuals is key in supporting their accessing the correct support in a timely manner.

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