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Virtual School and the Music Service collaborated and ran a Beginners Producing Music Sessions

Over the half term, Sutton Virtual School and Sutton Music Service collaborated and ran our first Beginners Producing Music Sessions!

It was great to see the students engaging so well with the sessions. Over the three day course, students learned how to use the Sound Trap software by first looking at the basics, creating a short piece of music using samples and looped sounds. They then moved onto how to draw individual notes into Sound Trap and picking their favourite sounds, creating basic drum grooves using the built-in drum machine, creating chords and a bassline to go along with the drums.

This meant that on day three students could look at how to form their own melodies and structure for their pieces and then eventually create an 8-16 bar loop with a melody for their own track with a verse and chorus structure!

Check out the sounds of February half term.  Could this be you next time?

The student’s shared their projects by feeding  back their favourite parts and by sharing their own projects during the sessions.  It also allowed them to get some ideas from each other on what they could add to their own work.

This was been a fantastic way to introduce the young people to music and it is really positive that they would like to continue using Sound Trap to create their own pieces of music.