Cognus Education Safeguarding Manager raises awareness of the services we provide in Sutton and the power of networking.

On Thursday 4th April, Hayley Cameron (Education Safeguarding Manager) was invited to be a guest speaker at a virtual event hosted by Foster Inspire

This provided the opportunity to not only share her story in terms of how she came to work in safeguarding and the reasons behind what she does today, but also to promote Cognus services and the work that is taking place in Sutton to improve the lives of children and families.

Hayley spoke online at the evening care leaver event I attended alongside her as a speaker.  Her story was extremely powerful, and she kept the audience engaged throughout the whole delivery. She spoke with such heart, and even as someone who had limited experience within the care system in any capacity, I was so moved by her experience. I would strongly suggest working with her, with Cognus, and allowing her to share her story

(Author, Speaker and Self-help Coach, April 2024)

Networking is important, powerful and creates opportunities.  Following this event a podcast is being planned with ‘able to care’.  Further information to come.

On Sunday 28th April, Hayley was then invited to an event in Edmonton to network further, develop her own CPD (building on guest speaking skills) and to promote the work we do in Sutton.

We are so much better together, working collaboratively, promoting our services, and

creating opportunities to support and drive change to improve the lives of our young people and their families.

For further information on the services provided by Cognus, please visit our website:

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