Education Safeguarding Team attend Sutton’s White Ribbon Event 2023

On Friday 24th November 2023, the Education Safeguarding Team attended Sutton Council’s White Ribbon Event at Shinner and Sudtone. 

Sutton Council, with the support of various partners, held a high street event to raise awareness of the White Ribbon campaign to end male violence against women and girls.

‘People need to know that this type of behaviour is not okay.  We all have mum’s, sisters, aunties, and they should feel safe.  We can all make a change together’

Young Person, Sutton High Street, November 2023

The event provided the opportunity to engage with the public to raise awareness through conversations, tabletop activities and interactive games.

The event was well attended, and the message was clear – we all need to unite to end male violence against women and girls. Well done to Sam Coleman and the team for organising such a powerful event.

Further information:

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