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EHCP Coordinator’s role in working to support ways of resolving complex cases

One aspect of an EHCP Coordinator’s role is to work in a supportive way to resolve complex cases; this involves being able to successfully liaise with the relevant services, professionals and schools often on a daily basis to ensure that nothing is lost in translation so that the family feel heard and understood.

One of our EHCP Coordinators shares how she worked to support a child and their family,

I recently worked in support of a family with a daughter who had significant needs around her diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and speech, language and communications needs. In addition to this, the family were experiencing a complex home situation, the parents were not fluent in English and were in the process of seeking asylum status in the UK, which meant that all of these factors needed to be taken into consideration to provide the necessary support.

One of the areas which was a key focus of my work  was helping the family to find an appropriate school placement to meet the needs of the child. Following a series of multi-professional meetings with a school, the parents agreed to a trial visit which resulted in the parents feeling reassured about the placement and the child settling well on the day. A successful transition plan was coproduced with the family and school, which included interim tuition prior to the start of term. This joined up conversation helped the family feel settled and assured that their daughter had a school place that could support her additional needs. The successful partnership between the SEND Service, Children’s Social Care, the school and the parent carer forum produced a positive outcome for a local family.”

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