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Flapjacks and OT – developing skills for life

The Therapies Team work with a huge number of children and young people in the Local Area developing their Speech and Language and Occupational therapy skills to support their access to education and prepare them for adulthood.

One of the Cognus Occupational Therapists, Jacqui Waller, has been working with a student for a number of years and recently received an email from the family to thank her for the positive impact that she has had on their child’s functional life skills.






“….R has built such a lovely relationship with you since primary school & we were thankful for the continuity transitioning into high school. 

He’s enjoyed learning your recipes & I know for a fact your flapjacks are now infamous in our household & will now be called Jacqui’s flapjacks from now on! All the children bring them into school & work to share, as they go down so well with them all! 

It’s been such a pleasure during this strangest of years, to be able to sit in on R’s sessions, & see first-hand how he copes & the relationships formed! He has made some good friends ….Thank you for all that you are, & all that you’ve done.

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