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Partnership working with families – a key priority for our SEND Service

Partnership working with families is a key priority for our SEND Service, as not only does it ensure a collaborative approach, but it ensures that the child or young person is at the heart of the team’s thinking,  planning and support. 

 The SEND Service are pleased to share two recent examples of partnership working which yielded a positive outcome: 

  • A father called us, as he wanted to share some great news about his son. After attending a local mainstream primary and then secondary school, X has recently graduated with the university degree of his choice, and now has 4 offers for a Master’s degree. It was wonderful to speak to X’s family, who called to share the fantastic news with us and thank the Service for their support in helping their child realise his aspirations. 
  • One of our EHCP Coordinators recently convened a multi-agency meeting to discuss a child with an EHCP, which included his mother, school SENCO, Speech and Language Therapist and Early Years colleague, to look at what support could be put in place to support him returning to school after a period of being home schooled. The meeting focussed on agreeing appropriate next steps on solutions, including formulating a joint agreement which included a handover discussion by the school to his mother at the end of each day when the child returns to school in September.  

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