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Paving the Way Post – a newspaper written by local students

Members of the Paving the Way team, have recruited some new journalists from the Nurture group at Highview Primary School on Friday, to come up with some new ideas for The Paving the Way Post. The children thought of some really useful ideas to support their peers during transitions, holidays, school trips and family issues which will appear in the Summer edition of the newspaper.

The pupils were all from year 3 and find it difficult to focus. Paving the Way worked with the highly skilled teaching assistants, to use a variety of different methods to engage the children, they focussed for an hour in the session and it was amazing!

The children were awarded these certificates for their hard work, which they loved!

Watch out for the new edition coming out after Easter on the Cognus website.

If you have children that would like to contribute please follow the linkĀ  below

Paving the Way Contribution Form

You can read the Paving the Way Post here