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Read about the difference a Senior Therapy Assistant has made to engagement with a young person in their SaLT sessions 

Gitty joined the Cognus Therapies Post 16 Speech and Language team in December 2020 and is already an integral part of the team. As we were, and still are in the middle of a pandemic, she has yet to meet any of the team or the students on her caseload face to face. She delivers both 1:1 and group sessions under the supervision of a Speech and Language Therapist. Gitty is confident and innovative in her work, whilst also making good use of the supervision networks available to her both in the Speech and Language Therapy team, but also from our Post 16 Specialist Occupational Therapist, Emma Perridge.  

The Speech and Language Therapist supervising this piece of work with Gitty has recently recognised Gitty and the Post 16 Occupational Therapist as being, amazing colleagues to work with”. The impact she has made can be seen in the feedback that we have recently received from a rehab worker who attends the Speech and Language sessions alongside the student. 

“We started to work with Gitty 3 weeks ago to support X in SaLT. X has found Zoom sessions difficult in the past, has been quiet and often muted, often relied on her support worker and not engaged well. Gitty has been amazing and is able to identify when X becomes agitated and no longer wants to discuss certain subjects. Gitty has built such a good rapport with X, that has enabled X to engage well throughout sessions. Gitty is able to identify when X’s mood starts to dip and will then divert to discuss her strengths which completely changes the mood and X starts to engage once again. In such a short space of time Gitty has been able to build a great working relationship with X which has encouraged X to engage and complete tasks set by Gitty. Thank you so much for your hard work, co-operation and patience. You have been amazing and we look forward to seeing you for face to face sessions when we can. 

………. Gitty really is a pleasure to work with and is a credit to your team.”  

For more information on the use of assistants and the excellent contribution they make please read the Royal College of Speech and Language (RCSLT) Position Statement Education and training for assistants/support workers click here 

 The Therapies Team work with a huge number of children and young people in the Local Area developing their Speech and Language and Occupational therapy skills to support their access to education and prepare them for adulthood. 

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