Elective Home Education

Elective home education (EHE) is the term used to describe parents’ decisions to provide education for their children at home instead of sending them to school. Cognus recognises that home education is a key aspect of parental choice.

EHE is equal, in law, to education provided in school. On behalf of the London Borough of Sutton, Cognus is committed to supporting families who choose to home educate their child.

If you are teaching your child at home, Cognus’ Elective Home Education team can offer advice and guidance. This is to make sure that we can support you to provide your child with suitable education at home.

If you are thinking of educating your child at home, or you are already home-educating and require information or support, please contact our Inclusion Coordinator.

If you have moved into the area and will be home educating, you do not have to notify us.  However, we would welcome the opportunity to work collaboratively with you. Please do get in contact with us.

The Cognus Inclusion Coordinator can be contacted on 07508 993068 or by email EHE@cognus.org.uk

Useful Documents:

EHE assessment Booklet for parents and carers – please open and then download / save to your device to complete, then return to EHE@cognus.org.uk


DfE Elective Home Education – Guidance for Parents

Elective Home Education Policy

Elective Home Education Flyer