Occupational Therapy

Cognus’ Occupational Therapists are experts in understanding physical, sensory, emotional and behavioural needs and their impact on school/college life.

The Occupational Therapy service provides direct intervention, advice and support for pupils aged 4-25. The team also support with curriculum development and provision of specialist equipment for access to education and to prepare pupils for adulthood.

Sutton schools and educational settings may refer children and young people to us with consent of parents and/or carers. We will carry out an initial assessment for all children and young people to clarify the extent and the nature of their difficulties before agreeing further action with the school or educational setting. The team may work with individuals or groups for an agreed period in support of mutually agreed therapy targets.

As part of the service, the team shares the names of all children and young people with the local NHS occupational therapy services to co-ordinate support across the services provided.


Support for schools and educational settings

  • Prior to referral, schools and educational settings are requested to screen a child or young person’s occupational therapy skills.
  • Following an initial assessment of a child or young person’s difficulties, an Occupational Therapist may carry out a more in-depth assessment to investigate ongoing difficulties.
  • As well as direct work with individuals or groups for an agreed period, the team provides advice for delivery of the curriculum.
  • The team also delivers and commissions training for all teaching staff, including accredited courses where possible.