Elective Home Education

Elective Home Education (EHE) is a term used to describe a choice by parents to provide education for their children at home – or at home and in some other way that they choose, rather than sending them to school.

Parents have a responsibility to make sure that their child is educated. Most children attend school for their education, but parents do have the right to educate their child at home. For some families it is a choice made for philosophical, spiritual, or religious reasons and for some it is a choice made to meet a child’s specific needs.  Equally, we know that some parents will opt to home educate because there are issues about the educational provision for their child at school.

The term ‘parents’ should be taken to include all those with parental responsibility, including guardians and foster carers and, in the latter case, the local authority may also be a corporate parent.

Cognus have a duty to find out so far as possible whether home educated children are receiving a suitable full-time  education, and we report our work to the Department for Education.

Cognus’ Elective Home Education service offers advice and guidance to schools where families wish to, or have, off-rolled their child to home educate.

For more information, please contact the Cognus Inclusion Coordinator on 07508 993068 or email EHE@cognus.org.uk

Useful Documents:

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