Assisted Travel (Transport)

Cognus’ Assisted Travel service is a statutory service that ensures that young people are able to travel to school or college when they would otherwise be prevented by circumstance, disability or need, and that they arrive ready to learn.

The Assisted Travel team assess the needs of the young person against local and national criteria and, when necessary, provide support to allow them to get to school. This may be through a budget to fund the family’s journeys, training for the young person to allow them to access transport independently, or the provision of a place on a minibus or car.

The team works with contractors and educational settings to ensure the safety of students as they travel between home and school.

Companies wishing to provide transport services will be required to register on our Dynamic Purchasing system provided through AdamHTT and should contact the London Borough of Sutton’s Commissioning Team in the first instance.

The Assisted Travel Team are available, throughout the year, to support the running of the Assisted Travel Programme. This includes the dynamic allocation of routes, route optimisation and ongoing quality assessment of provision.

For more information on our Assisted Travel service, email or contact one of the team below on 020 8323 0460.

Assisted Travel Manager

Helen Cullip

Assisted Travel Officers

Jo Bristow

Chloe Morris

Business Support Officer

Sylvia Bennett

Working Hours

Term Time: 7:30am – 5pm

School Holidays: 9am – 5pm

Weekends & Bank Holidays: Closed