Attendance Principles

Sutton recognises that improvements in overall school attendance rates can only be achieved through a truly collaborative approach across the local area multi-agency partnership. A partnership that includes pupils, families, education, health, social care, police, community, and voluntary sector agencies all working together to bring about positive change using solution focused, restorative and trauma informed approaches. Together WE can make a difference.

Partners understand that promoting positive school attendance is a responsibility that belongs to everyone and is an ethos that is central to achieve our ambition of at least 95% attendance for all pupils and ensure a significant reduction in persistent absenteeism. We acknowledge that for a small number of children this attendance figure will not be possible due to reasons of ill health, disability, or either social/emotional needs. In these cases, children’s attendance will be viewed within the context of each individual learner’s needs so that they can be supported to achieve their highest level of attendance.

As a partnership we commit to addressing the underlying issues families and communities face, including a commitment to working as a team around the family/school, removing barriers and meeting needs to support excellent school attendance and improve outcomes for all.