Child Employment

Cognus’ Child Employment Service, provided on behalf of the London Borough of Sutton, is for all businesses intending to employ school-aged children.

Children are of compulsory school age until the academic year in which they turn 16, and there are laws that cover employment of children under school leaving age. The Child Employment Service ensures that all children who work (either voluntarily or paid) within the boundaries of the London Borough of Sutton, or child Sutton residents who perform within the entertainment industry, are working within the law and thereby safeguarded. We issue all relevant statutory employment permits and performance licences and provide an advisory service for applicants.

The service also trains and issues Chaperone Licences to Sutton residents who will be caring for children who perform.

For more information, please contact our Child Employment and Performance Licensing Officers, on or 020 4551 3192.  To make an application, please complete the relevant child employment forms and send to the email address above.