Advice and Resources

The SEND Code of Practice states that a graduated approach to meeting the needs of all children and young people including those with SEND should be used: high-quality teaching is the first step when a pupil is not making expected progress. The vast majority of children and young people will have their needs met in this way which is known as ‘universal support’.

At the heart of this guidance and advice is the belief that we must work together to provide an embedded approach, whereby learning settings, families and therapies collaborate to identify and deliver the best support into the everyday life of the child/young person in preparation for adulthood.

Current best practice identifies up-skilling those working in the closest proximity to the child/young person. Therapists work in partnership with families, schools, colleges and other professionals all working towards shared goals.

Some children and young people may require support that is additional intervention for a period of time which can be provided by members of education staff supported by the therapies team. This is termed ‘targeted support’. A small minority of children and young people may require support in addition to this, at a ‘specialist level’.

Download the Graduated Response for Education Based Therapeutic Support to find out more about Cognus Therapies Graduated Response.  This is a working document and will be regularly updated by Cognus Therapies to ensure that it provides up-to-date and accurate information.

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