Children with a social worker

Our mission

To promote the education of children who have, or have had a social worker (CWSW), so that children are more effectively supported to overcome educational barriers, make good progress and fulfil their educational potential.

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How do we promote the education of children with a social worker?

  • Identifying and addressing barriers to education – we gather, analyse and share a range of data and findings that highlight barriers to education and actively work with partners to address them.
  • Promoting partnership – we promote partnership between schools and social care and the local authority, so professionals work collaboratively to support children and families.
  • Providing professionals with advice and support – we offer staff and social care practitioners a range of support, guidance and advice, including weekly education consultation sessions and training.
  • Working to champion children’s education – we work to influence and shape local area policy and practice, so educational barriers are addressed and systems improved to increase the support children have to reach their potential.

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A video summarising how we promote CWSW education