Speech and Language Therapist helps to build staff members’ confidence working with traumatised young people.

One of our speech and language therapists, Jessica Wood, delivered a training to staff working in Glenthorne High School’s Special Educational Needs (SEND) department in May 2023. The topic was “Understanding and supporting young people with complex trauma in school”.

Jess asked the staff members to rate their knowledge and confidence of working with young people with complex trauma, on a scale of 0-5. The graph below shows the mean average scores (to the nearest 0.5 points), before and after the training:

Overall, the staff members’ mean average scores grew from 1.4/5 to 3.8/5 as a result of the training. This is a huge increasein how confident and knowledgeable the school staff feel when working with this complex group of young people.

The SEN department at Glenthorne are now eager to think about support for specific students in the next academic year, with the support of their allocated speech and language therapist. We look forward to hearing more about the fantastic, collaborative work that Glenthorne and Cognus are doing.

A huge thank you to Jessica Wood for delivering the informative training at Glenthorne High School and for all of her hard work supporting young people with trauma across the local authority.