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Speech and Language Therapist supports a Post-16 learner, as they navigate parenthood for the first time

Grace Mullin, Speech and Language Therapist at Cognus Therapies, supports a Post-16 learner as they navigate parenthood for the first time

As a speech and language therapist, it is our role to ensure that we are continually supporting and preparing our learners for adulthood. This means that our work goes far beyond the classroom and enables our learners to execute the everyday tasks that are required as an adult more confidently (e.g. personal care, shopping, cooking, using public transport), but also to manage bigger life events.

K (learner initial used for confidentiality reasons) had a baby last year and found it extremely difficult to initiate communication with professionals such as her GP and Health Visitor. Grace supported K by liaising with the required professionals and had phone calls with her Health Visitor to ensure appointments were booked in and that the right support was in place. Grace also made an onwards referral to the Early Help team which enabled K to attend mother and baby classes.

During the early months of her baby’s life, K was living in unsuitable accommodation and became overwhelmed with all the phone calls to the housing team that were required to get more suitable accommodation in place. Grace supported K with this by speaking with the housing team directly and then relaying the information to K in smaller chunks so that it was easier for her to understand. K has now been moved to more appropriate accommodation that she feels happy and safe in.

In more recent news, K has just recently engaged in a college interview to return to education in September 2022. Grace supported her during the interview and will now be preparing her to organise a nursery placement for her baby whilst she is studying. This support will involve Grace supporting K to carry out research for local nurseries as well as developing telephone scripts that she can use when she contacts the nurseries to enquire if they have spaces available for September.

K commented: “Grace has helped me so much with so many things. She goes out of her way to do things to make sure they get done. I would be so lost if I didn’t have her, and me and [baby’s name] are so grateful”.

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