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Update from Therapies – re. focus on Downs Syndrome 

Down Syndrome International has recently published new guidelines regarding supporting children with Down Syndrome within the school environment and over the last 6 months Cognus Therapies Team have been working to implement these guidelines working with those who are impacted the most, our families, children and schools. Together we have created clinical pathways and resource banks that support colleagues in educations settings to deliver best practice.    

Get On Downs has been an invaluable partner in supporting this work, not least in terms of our learning and understanding of the current needs of our Down Syndrome community. Working towards a shared goal of inclusive practice that feeds into Cognus’ Graduated Response has been an exciting process and we look forward to continuing this important collaborative work and connection.  

For more information on this feel free to contact Emily Harnett (Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapist) 

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