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Celebrating Success: Another Year of SEND Champion Training in Sutton

For the second consecutive year, 48 dedicated members of school staff from 15 schools in Sutton have completed the SEND Champion training program, marking another milestone in the journey towards inclusive education. Led by expert therapists, this comprehensive training equips Sutton school staff with essential strategies to support children and young people with diverse needs effectively.

The dedication of both the therapists running the program and the enthusiastic staff participants has been instrumental to the training success. Within the training a spectrum of vital topics were covered including:

  • Listening and understanding language
  • Using language, vocabulary and speech
  • Building conversations skills and social interactions
  • Enabling success in class-based activities
  • Enabling participation in PE, on the playground and accessing the school environment
  • Supporting children to self-regulate and engage in learning
  • Building independence skills

If you would like to find out more about these topics please see our advice and resources on the Cognus website.

Feedback from attendees reflects the impact of the training, with remarks such as “such amazing training”, “very useful and I learnt a lot” and “thorough course” underscoring its value in enhancing professional practice. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all education staff who devoted their time and expertise to enriching their skills and knowledge in supporting children and young people in Sutton.

Looking ahead, we’re excited to announce the continuation of SEND Champion training next year, extending its reach to more education settings. With each session, we aim to empower more staff to confidently address the speech and language, and occupational therapy needs of every child in Sutton.

A big thank you to our expert trainers Jo Wells (SaLT), Jo Sanchez (SaLT), Catherine Barry (SaLT), Amber Burnett (OT), Howard Hutchins (OT), Chane Hopwood (OT), Carla Bester (OT) and Paige Beckford (OT).

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