Cognus E-Safety Adviser completes a marathon week speaking to children in Sutton.

Steve Welding, from the Cognus Education Safeguarding Team and the E-Safety Advisor for all our schools in Sutton completed 15 E-Safety workshops during 2024 E-Safety Week.

During E-Safety week Steve presented to over 540 Children (Primary & Secondary). Topics that were covered – New online safety Act, social media and age restrictions, Gaming, what not to share, Child exploitation, Grooming, nudes, Digital footprint, what to do and who to tell if something goes wrong or makes you feel uncomfortable. Response from children: –

I will know what to do if this happens to me.

Remember to think about what I do before I do it as once it’s out there you can’t always take it back.

This will help me stay safe online and taught me not to give into peer pressure and that anyone can screen grab images or messages.

I now know a lot of websites that could help you if something ever happens.

It will help me avoid and if not navigate tricky situations.

Steve also managed to carry out E-Safety workshops to over 130 School staff and parents.

As a member of the Pastoral Team, I found it very useful.

Thank you! Really thought provoking as a parent as well as a teacher.

I have 3 teenage children and learnt so much about different apps I had never heard of. Thank you.

Excellent resources and websites shared.

For more information on Online Safety please view our bitesize content (December 2022):

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