Paving the Way Team Sensory Workshop

The Paving the Way team held a sensory workshop on 24th October in collaboration with Occupational Therapy.

Together we hosted 17 families and created sensory bracelets, lava lamps, pom poms, windmills, fiddle sticks as well as playing games and exploring our small sensory world.

The staff were really lovely. This is our first workshop and the welcome was much appreciated.

I felt my children were very supported, thank you so much for inviting us!

Advice shared and discussed with both parent and child.

The workshops run every holiday, and are based on a supportive theme. They are available for all families who are open to Paving the Way, or are on the waiting list. Members of the team are available to offer advice and observe children in a different setting. Most importantly it is to have fun.

(And you do not have to tidy up!)

You can find out more about the Paving the Way team here