Primary Family Support Group

Paving the Way have now finished the latest Primary Family Support group held between October 2023 and December 2023.

100% positive feedback received from parents attending:

I will be more confident that my parenting style is good enough, I will understand my kids needs better, also I will be able to protect and support them better.

I have already put some of the tips into action. Finding out I am not alone, and my parenting style is not too dissimilar to other parents. Techniques offered were easy to incorporate into my home environment.

I have been able to take away practical things I can do to support myself and my son.

I think it’s great to know that we are not the only ones that feel overwhelmed sometimes. And I now take some more time for myself.

The next group will start in January 2024, and we look forward to supporting more Sutton Families!

Early Intervention and Identification (Paving the Way) – Cognus