Vulnerable Pupils Panel

The Vulnerable Pupils Panel (VPP), is a multi-agency partnership whose aim is to support equality of access to mainstream education for children and young people and ensure consistent inclusion for all.

The partnership identifies support, advice and guidance that will benefit educational settings through capacity building and sharing/increasing resources within the system.

Additionally, the partnership identifies support advice and guidance that ensures the needs of vulnerable children and young people, who are displaying behaviours that are a cause for concern and may lead to exclusion, or failure to access education, are met effectively.



A referral to primary VPP is made via the Early Help Assessment Tool (EHAT). The Early Help Assessment Tool for children and young people is used by many agencies across England. It is designed to help practitioners develop a shared understanding of a child or young person’s needs so that there is a coordinated, timely service provision. The assessment is a family based assessment meaning that each child’s needs and strengths can be captured in one place, taking into account the whole family and its unique context.

Early Help Assessment Tool EHAT Information




A referral to Secondary VPP is made by completing a VPP form and a provision map.


If you have any questions about a request for support made or the process please contact