Cognus Safeguarding service provides training and support for schools and educational settings to enable them to meet their statutory duties set out in government statutory guidance.

We do this through:

  • Bespoke safeguarding training packages to school staff, pupils, and governors on a range of education safeguarding subjects
  • Training updates and guidance materials to Dedicated Safeguarding Leads
  • Supervision support for Dedicated Safeguarding Leads
  • Telephone guidance and support to education settings
  • Support in ensuring appropriate policies and procedures are in place prior to Ofsted inspections and other safeguarding audits
  • Advice, guidance and support on Children Missing Education
  • Liaison with LB Sutton Children’s Social Care on thematic issues
  • Training, support and guidance for Education Visit Coordinators in schools

Hayley Cameron, Education Safeguarding Manager or 0204 582 0847

Stephen Welding, Education E safety Advisor/Prevent trainer or 0204 582 0322

Gillian Bush, Education Safeguarding Advisor in CFCS & CME Advisor or 0208 323 0423

Mick Bradshaw, Adviser for Outdoor Education or 07736 338471

Children Missing Education –