Cognus Educational Psychology Service host EBSA networking conference

Cognus Educational Psychology Service hosted an EBSA networking conference on Monday 18th September 2023 with staff from around 30 schools attending. With other professionals also in attendance there was space and opportunity for rich exchanges !

Alongside practical tasks to reflect on the approach settings are using to reduce and support EBSA pupils we had a range of speakers. This included Cognus colleagues Sara Martin, Deputy Head Teacher of the Virtual School, who spoke about raising awareness of children with a social worker and specific attendance issues they face, and Anike Clarke from the Attendance Team who provided updates on how schools can promote attendance.

The Senior Leadership Team from STARS medical PRU also presented on their reintegration processes for students returning to mainstream and details on their successful ‘Re-Think It’ programme. Finally, Oaks Park High School showcased their fantastic EBSA provision which was well received. There was a buzz in the room with staff reflecting and planning how to support their students, demonstrated through their positive evaluations. Attendees cited the networking opportunities, case studies and information from other settings as being the most useful elements of the session.

Please refer to our EBSA guidance document for further information and advice on supporting emotionally-based school avoidance – EBSA-guidance-for-professionals-V2.pdf (