Twilight sessions delivered to school teaching staff  – by Paving the Way

Two twilight sessions were delivered to Robin Hood Junior School teaching staff  around the support, management and understanding of pupils with ADHD and or traits of ADHD at school.

Aims of the session:

To increase knowledge of ADHD and to have a better understanding of how it feels for a child/young person with ADHD/attention and concentration difficulties.

For teaching staff to feel more empowered and confident in working with children with attention and concentration difficulties in the classroom.

For staff to have an opportunity to share ideas and strategies with each other.

Feedback from school staff:

I am going to be looking at different ways to reframe language!

It was incredibly informative and helpful

One thing I will take away with me is …to be more patient!!!

It was helpful thinking about what the child may be trying to communicate through their behaviours

I will take time before reacting!

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