Testimonials and Impact

”I feel that the service is very good and my comment would be to continue sharing all the knowledge and information provided. Very informative. Professional, inclusive, and friendly delivery. Good amount of useful information and resources”

“Alex is a great presenter, makes everything really accessible, acknowledges everyone’s contributions. I would like to disseminate lots of the information to my colleagues.”

“Thank you very much. The Autism and Girls and the Challenging Behaviour sessions were both particularly relevant to us as a school and there are specific teachers at our school that will benefit hugely from this information at the moment.”

“Alex is great! Reinforced previous knowledge and boosted my confidence to support teaching staff.”

“I found it useful having time to meet and discuss specific issues on a professional level and to be able to come away with ideas and strategies that are do-able and relevant. This was my first training session at Cognus and I have come away really impressed. I can already see how to use some of the ideas, have shared ideas with our team, and will take ideas to our next weekly meeting to discuss.”

“It was useful to discuss real life, relevant scenarios, and examples. Links to useful documents and services are helpful.”

“Good course, helped a lot.”

100% of students asked participated in evaluating the service. All gave the support they received 4* or 5 * and all would recommend the support to other autistic young people.

The parts of the course that students found most helpful included:

“Learning how to combat my difficulties.”

Confidence and social interactions.”

Suggestions for improvements to the sessions included,

“More of them!”

“Young men are empowered to feel proud of who they are and to are proud to say part of their identity is autistic. Alex has given parents the tools to support their sons and help them regulate more at home. Alex is excellent at what she does.”

“The session was very detailed. It will have a huge positive impact on our councillors and their awareness of autism.”

“The trainer demonstrated a high level of skill in demonstrating her own hands-on experience. The training was highly effective in terms of sharing practical knowledge and engaging with participants who were successfully encouraged to share their own experiences. A wide range of issues were covered e.g. what changes are made in schools to support those with SEN; do those changes extend to behaviours and what does the law say about reasonable adjustments (the high levels of exclusions was referenced, many with ASD); reflecting on the whole child and context – the child’s family life and their educational experience; understanding the reasons for a child’s repeated behaviour, repairing and correcting relationships; techniques such as the PALM strategy for understanding and responding to behaviour; the behaviour ladder; practical advice around safety, as well as the well-being of staff members. Participants were praised by the trainer for their knowledge of the Law around exclusions and making reasonable adjustments. The trainer reminded participants to know the law and school policies and to seek advice if in doubt. I thought it was excellent.”

“You amazing wonderful lady, the impact you have had on * is out of this world!”

“All of it amazing. It was brilliant.”

“It was useful talking to everyone. Openness. Honestly. Content. Looking forward to part 2.”

“The presentation was from an individual lady who herself has a diagnosis of autism.”

“Overall the online workshop was highly informative. Liked the option of being able to ask questions in message thread while the workshop was running. It’s a massive plus that a 1:1 parent call is offered if needed!”

“I thought it a very well-run session that brought so many different factors that I had not considered into my mind.  Of course, no one can be fully prepared as we have to see how each child fares and reacts, but I felt far more ready to face this stage of my son’s development post the workshop.”

“I need more courses!”

“Thank you for sending these helpful links and introducing us my son’s speech and language therapist. Thank you for your kind support and help.”

“The session was amazing, yet again from your team and so valuable for myself.  So please pass on my gratitude.  We are so fortunate in this borough, to have this service.  Especially when we are so in need of this valuable advice.”