Welcome information – Autism service

Meeting our service 

Cognus Autism Service is an education support service.  We promote an inclusive education for young people with social communication difficulties, or a diagnosis of autism.  Our service resources helps schools tailor their environment.  This enables celebration of the way autistic students learn and interact with the world.  

We work with early years, primary and secondary schools and Post-16 settings.  

Resources include: 

  • Fact sheets
  • YouTube videos 
  • Autism Advice sessions 
  • Autism Champion training 
  • Traded support (paid for): observations/advice, 121 work with the student and training 

What can families expect from the service? 

Your child’s school should be aware of our service and the support we offer.   

Parents can also access support including: 

  • YouTube parent workshops 
  • In person parent workshops 
  • Autism Advice sessions (30 minute slot to gain ideas and strategies) 

How do I gain support if I have a question? 

If you have a question about support for your child, first speak to the school SENCo or Inclusion Lead. They will provide you with information on the support the school is offering your child. They will signpost you to any further resources or things you can do at home.  

Autism Service advice is available at monthly Autism Advice Sessions. (30 minute slot to gain ideas and strategies) 

To understand more about autism (even if your child does not have a diagnosis) and social communication difference, look at our YouTube Channel. You will find the following videos: 

Top Tips to Support  

YouTube Parent Workshops 

Sutton’s Autism Celebration 

Online resources to support