Autism and Social Communication

Cognus’ Autism Service is an education support service focusing on supporting schools to provide an inclusive education for young people with social communication difficulties or a diagnosis of autism.  We work with education settings including early years, primary and secondary schools and Post-16 settings. This can include one-to-one work with specific students, support and workshops for parents and advice and training for the settings to become more autism-friendly.

Young people can also access a ‘one-off’ understanding diagnosis session to help them further understand what their diagnosis means to them. This is a free service delivered jointly with the Paving the Way team.

You can register for a one-off hour long understanding diagnosis session by clicking on the link below:

Understanding diagnosis one off session request form

The aim of this session is to give the young person a basic understanding of difference (focusing on the fact that we are all different), what autism is, other autistic individuals and what autism means to them.   This is the starting point for future discussions around autism, so the idea would be that the parents or school would continue the conversation on a regular basis after the session.  The young person may need time to process the information and questions will no doubt come up at different times in their life, but through this session we aim to give them a positive starting point for understanding their diagnosis of autism.

The session would usually take place in school, but with the opportunity for parents to be part of the session if they would like.

Support for parents/carers:

Parents can access free workshops run jointly with the Paving the Way team. These are repeated on a termly basis and cover a range of topics:

  • Understanding autism/social communication differences
  • Strategies to support communication
  • Problem solving behaviour
  • Sensory differences
  • Access to services
  • School strategies
  • Emotions and anxiety
  • Eating/sleeping
  • Using Zones of Regulation to support understanding of emotions
  • Explaining a diagnosis to your child

All workshops are available to view on our YouTube Channel:

Parent Carer/Workshop – What is Autism/Social Communication Differences?

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