Speech and Language Therapy

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Cognus’ Speech and Language Therapists provide support to children and young people aged 4-25 with specific speech, language and communication difficulties to help them to communicate to the best of their ability.

Having undertaken assessments, we can provide direct intervention, advice and support for pupils, training for school/college staff, and support with curriculum development to enable access to education and to prepare them for adulthood.

Support for schools and educational settings:

  • Prior to referral, schools and educational settings are requested to screen a child or young person’s language and communication skills.
  • Following an initial assessment of a child or young person’s difficulties, a Speech and Language (or Occupational) Therapist may carry out a more in-depth assessment to investigate ongoing difficulties.
  • As well as direct work with individuals or groups for an agreed period, the team provides advice for delivery of the curriculum.
  • The team also delivers and commissions training for all teaching staff, including accredited courses where possible.