Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy Leaflet

Who are we?

The Cognus Speech and Language Therapy team comprises of qualified Speech and Language Therapists and Senior Therapy Assistants.  We are a large and diverse team with a wealth of knowledge and experience in supporting children and young people to develop an array of skills including social communication, emotional regulation, independence, understanding of language, and use of language.

What do we do?

The speech and language therapy team works with education settings in Sutton and neighbouring local authorities to support children and young people to develop the skills outlined above. Development of these skills allows the children and young people we work with to successfully access education, engage in family life, be a part of their community, and prepare for adulthood (e.g. living independently and entering employment). We work in close partnership with teachers, learning support assistants, parents and/or carers and services within Cognus Limited and other agencies.

Our service focuses on the development of skills required for school/college and adult life such as:

  • Learning and understanding in the classroom, community, and workplace
  • Communicating across a variety of environments
  • Building and sustaining friendships and relationships
  • Accessing the community
  • Being as healthy as possible
  • Employability
  • Living independently

Using a functional approach allows children and young people to develop important skills required with preparation for adulthood and to support them to be as independent as possible.

A speech and language therapist can:

  • Consider a child/young person’s strengths and needs
  • Find out what the child/young person wants and needs to be able to do in school/college and when accessing the community
  • Identify what helps or hinders a child/young person’s ability to engage in school/college/community life
  • Find ways to make life easier and support a child/young person to manage daily tasks and access the school/college/community environment